How Should Christians Respond to the Refugee Crisis?

You hear stories of refugee families who spend their entire life savings on the slim chance they’ll make it across the sea on a raft to a potentially safer country. You see pictures of war-torn cities destroyed by bombs and pictures of little barefoot kids running down the street covered in scars, dirt, and ash. You listen to news reports about the United States’ new president making executive orders to stop refugees from entering this country.

And you’re a Christian. You love Jesus. Your heart breaks for these refugees who have no hope—not in this life and not in eternity. And you wonder what you can do.

Take heart Christian—there is something you can do.

How Should Christians Respond to the Refugee Crisis?

David Platt, the director of the International Mission Board, wrote an article giving Christians 5 biblical truths to stand on and 5 exhortations to take action on.

As he said in the article, Christians have an “unprecedented opportunity to respond intentionally for the spread of the gospel among refugees.”

We encourage you to read it and come back to this post when you’re done.

David Platt refugee article

God Is Already Working Among Refugees

We want you to know that if you decide to take David Platt’s exhortations seriously, you would not be the first, or only, Christian doing so.

Live Global knows so many stories about a group of Jesus followers in Bosnia taking physical relief and the gospel to the refugees in their area. It’s our hope that you read them and be encouraged that God is working.

Read stories of how God is working through the refugee crisis in Bosnia.