Top 10 for Teaching Online

Some pastors in countries like Nepal have had only one day of Bible training. Live Global works to serve our global friends through theological education, resources, and Bible training. But, it’s not always possible to physically go to the countries and cities where people need training most.

The good news is that 4.6 billion people have access to the internet worldwide. People who don’t even have a home have a smartphone. And how amazing that the platforms needed to do online Bible training like video conferencing and online classroom managers are totally free!

Live Global loves to leverage God’s gift of technology for Bible teaching online, and we love even more to invite North Americans to join us as we work to build others up for Kingdom work across the globe. Here’s our list of the top 10 things you need to teach from home:

  1. EXPERIENCE: share from your personal background or passion to help others grow in strength.
  2. HUMILITY: bring a level of expertise but not arrogance to help others see you are still learning.
  3. CURIOSITY: be eager to learn from others and the cultural context in which they minister.
  4. TENSION: share from that space between where things are and where they could be.
  5. BIBLICAL: focus on the clarity of what God has given to us in his word.
  6. PRACTICAL: take us from the realm of theory and concept to where day-to-day life hits us.
  7. MEMORABLE: leave us with something that will grip our heart and mind for days to come.
  8. TRANSFERABLE: form your presentation in a manner that makes it easy to share with others.
  9. ADAPTABLE: come ready to shift and flex with all the uncertainties that could come.
  10. TECHNOLOGY: be prepared with the needed equipment and internet access to avoid distractions.

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