What Online Dating Taught a Missions Movement

You’ve heard of online dating. Maybe you’ve even tried it! You know how it works—through the use of questionnaires and algorithms, a series of potential matches is presented. The goal is that through some added personal research a bond is formed resulting in a harmonious marriage.

Live Global is capturing the same kind of process—questionnaires and algorithms, plus a personal touch—to connect someone in North America to an indigenous ministry leader across the globe. We’re not looking to connect people for marriage, but instead we want to match a North American’s skills and resources for ministry with an indigenous missionary’s gifts and needs so that together you can build a global partnership for Gospel advancement in some of the hardest to reach areas of the globe.

The Biggest Need for Theological Training

Theological training is one of the biggest needs globally. Some estimates say that 85% of pastors in Asia and Africa have less than three days of theological training. But if you are a pastor in North America it is likely that you have spent 2-10 years in focused education to become a pastor. In addition, you have attended countless seminars and read more theological books than you remember for increased insights. 

It almost seems unrealistic and irresponsible for an indigenous pastor to pursue ministry with less than three days of training, but picture this: pretend you have grown up in a country or home without a Christian background. You don’t have childhood memories of Bible stories. But, someone handed you a Gospel booklet written in your mother tongue while you were working your job as a street vendor one day. You read the story of Jesus and made the decision to become a Christian. Others around you with similar backgrounds have come to the same conclusion because indigenous missionaries from a nearby village have been targeting your area with Gospel booklets. One day some of the others who have trusted Christ come to you and say that they want to form a church and they want you to be the pastor. You say yes because you know God has saved you and your heart’s desire is to see others saved too, but you have no idea of how to effectively teach the truth of God’s Word, let alone where to start. Taking years to prepare or traveling to another area to study is not an option for you because of the cost. Even if you become a pastor, your family still needs you to work every day to provide food for them to eat the next.

Now, before you think this is a rare situation, you should know that this is happening hundreds and thousands of times around the world.


In response, part of Live Global’s 50-50-50 plan is to form a team of 50 pastors and church leaders who would respond to this need for training. This is where our version of internet connections comes in. We are looking to establish connections between pastors and church leaders from various countries across the globe in need of training with North American pastors and church leaders willing to share some of what they have learned.

Through the use of an application and personal research we help to determine what is needed in each unique context where we have contacts with trusted partners. We then consider the style of training format that could be most effective for that group of individuals. Next, through the use of an application and personal conversation, we build a team of leaders willing to invest in others at various levels. 

How to Serve Globally Through Training

With our North American team of trainers, we will discuss not only the theological and biblical aspects of the teaching, but the practicalities like teaching virtually or on site, the level of educational teaching needed, how rugged the physical setting might be, the security level involved, how much time is needed, the expenses needed, and more.

Exploring how God might use your background and skills to strengthen others to lead effectively in ministry is one of the most exciting adventures you can undertake. For more details and options go to liveglobal.org/serve to create your profile.

p.s. Are you retired? You are of exceptional value to our training team! Especially in Asian cultures, age is the most respected quality a person can have. “Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained in a righteous life” (Proverbs 16:31).