Myanmar: How a Serious Blow Became a Serious Blessing

Myanmar partnership

When covid 19 lockdowns came to a country already suffering under a military coup, it seemed like a serious blow to the ministries of our partners.  And yet, we have seen a recurring theme; pivot and innovate

“Pivot” means to keep a fixed point but change the orientation or direction.  The fixed point is the proclamation of the Gospel, but under these challenging circumstances it was necessary to look for other ways to minister and to be innovative.  

Our partner Suan tells the story: 

“We have been praying for a land to build our nearest house church building. When I came to the USA in 2019 some of the churches in our people group invited me to visit and share my experience as a missionary to the unreached people of Myanmar. Some people who were touched by the experience gave me love gifts.

Myanmar agriculture innovation

I saved all the gifts and when I had enough funds I bought a small piece of land.  

I never imagined that I would have time to do farming.  I had just purchased the land when the first wave of covid-19 broke out in our country and all the villages and towns are locked down. I couldn’t go out for door to door visiting as we had done for evangelism and caring for our believers, but I did not want to waste this time. 

The mango trees are still very small and will not produce fruit until next year, but I was able to harvest some bananas to help every one of our five widows among our church members.  Then, I realized that our church members and even some Buddhists who lost their jobs in the lockdown could be my helpers.  I could pay them a small amount and share the produce to keep their families from starving.”

When I bought the land, I never imagined God would bring the lost to me when I couldn’t go to them!

Pivot- and innovate.

The fixed point is the proclamation of the Gospel. Pivot- and innovate.

Live Global helps North American churches and believers share resources with national partners like Suan, so they are able to innovate when serious blows occur.